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University Hospital Ostrava

Fakultni nemocnice Ostrava (University Hospital Ostrava - UHO) is a large, state-owned university hospital and provides medical care to more than 1.2 million inhabitants. The Department of Haemato-oncology (DHO UHO) is a regional centre for treatment of haematological malignancies and one of the leading centres for treatment of MM in Czech Republic. DHO UHO is equipped with a special unit for Phase I/II studies; other parts are haematological ICU, haematopoietic stem cell transplantation unit, unit for apheresis and stem cell collections, hematopoietic cells processing laboratory, cryo-bank, bio-bank etc. The whole team including physicians, nurses, and data managers is fully skilled in conduction of clinical studies. Persons responsible for specialized treatment of patients with multiple myeloma and acute leukaemia are experienced haematologists working in departments of clinical haematology for more than 10-15 years.

Roles and tasks of UHO in EURE-CART

UHO will actively participate in the clinical trials activities (WP4" Phase I/IIa clinical study with EURE-CART cells " and WP5" Follow-up of EURE-CART Phase I/IIa and correlative studies") as well as in the WP3 "Regulatory approval of the EURE-CART cell product ", as well as in the WP8 "Dissemination and Exploitation activities".


Prof, MD, PhD Roman Hajek
Head of The Department of Haematooncology

MD, PhD Zdenek Koristek

PhD Jana Smejkalova

Mgr. Andrea Janotova
Data manager

Mgr. Lucie Adamusova
Laboratory technician

Ing. Marketa Dorociakova

DVM, PhD Jana Jurcikova
Project manager

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