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ARTTIC Innovation GmbH is a spin-off of ARTTIC SAS, which has successfully been managing large-scale research and innovation projects since its foundation in 1987. In close to 33 years of company history, ARTTIC set-up and managed more than 400 projects in EU funding programmes from FP 2 to Horizon 2020. ARTTICInnovation GmbH builds on this experience and bundles the company’s activities in Germany, which have been built and continuously strengthened since 2006.The service offer comprises provision of hands-on support, competent advice, and added value services all along the innovation life cycle: from the definition of a project idea and -concept, the identification of a suitable funding scheme and the proposal development, to the management of the project and the dissemination and exploitation of the project results. Support for the newly introduced R&D tax credit scheme (Forschungszulagengesetz) introduced in Germany on 1st January 2020 is seamlessly integrated in the company with relevant expertise from the local and national innovation instruments to the large international collaborative undertakings. ARTTIC SAS and ARTTIC Innovation GmbH are subsidiaries of the PNO Group, one of the biggest consultancy companies for publicly funded research and innovation projects.

Roles and tasks of AI in EURE-CART

ARTTIC Innovation will lead WP8” Dissemination and exploitation of EURE-CART result” and support the project coordinator for the project management (project office).

EURE-CART team at AI

Patrizia Torremante
Senior Consultant

Dr. Sandra Annetzberger
Project Manager

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